Isolation Wear

Take Whats Yours Balaclava Ski Mask (Cloud)



The Vivid Take Whats Yours Ski , inspiring people to overlook negativity and excuses with the covering of the mouth and ears , keeping their focus forward on what God has in store for them and going out and getting it at all cost . Optimal for practicing and playing in cold weather but also rocking out causally . This balaclava features lightweight breathable fabric that holds heat in to keep you warm . Provides full facial coverage that extends below the neck and can convert to a neck gaiter at any time .

  • Isolation Reflective Design & Text
  • Woven Stitched Label on Left Side
  • Snug Relaxed Comfort Worn Alone or Under a Helmet

This item is part of the Isolation Beats Deception Collection, inspiring people to create separation from the crowd and devote to themselves in order to prevent being mislead !

Material & Sizing:

  • 92% Polyester , 8% Spandex
  • One Size Fits Most

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