ISOLATION WEAR was founded in 2021 between the lines of luxury fashion & street wear. Dealing with plenty of adversity and high expectations throughout his childhood , a young African-American sought out to launch a brand where people across the world can express their visions & feelings through the art of clothing.

Here at ISOLATION WEAR , we commend that loneliness is necessary in order to reach your full potential in life . You must be able to vision yourself reaching your goals & aspirations before it actually happens . For this to be at full effect , sacrificing your company is a must . Nobody has control of your future but yourself . Temporary distance is definitely needed in order to strive to be the best version of yourself . While supplying handmade top quality fashion with love & assurance ISOLATION WEAR is dedicated to inspiring people to stop taking life for granted and have high regard of their future and desire ahead of them with the power of isolation.